Welcome to NEFPV. We are the cooperative effort of a core group of FPV pilots from the Northeastern United States.

We live, eat, sleep, and breath FPV. We build, we fly, we crash, we build again. Sometimes it may look like we’re good at it, while other times…. not so much. But we try really hard.

An area of the hobby in which we have been particularly active is racing, especially fixed wing races. As with any nascent competitive arena, lopsided equipment levels between participants can turn things into an arms race (sometimes called “wallet racing”) which largely removes skill from the equation. To that end, we have taken a page from auto racing and developed a common equipment specification for a class of race wing. With everyone piloting equal equipment, the races often end up being truly neck-and-neck flights to the finish. Details on the spec can be found here, and a detailed build guide is coming soon.

Spec Wing racing, of course, is just one of many NEFPV projects. We build and pilot miniquads, nanoquads, high speed ducted fan jets, aerial photography rigs, FPV snow cats, and much more. So tune in to know what is going on!

There are many notable NEFPV members within the FPV community who have helped pioneer the hobby – often under the tutilage and guidance of others. This guidance has been shared both in person and over the internet, and we continue to support the advancement and growth of our hobby into racing and other positive and entertaining applications.

With as much as we have learned from the community, we also like to give back to it. Whether you’re just starting out and need some pointers, or you’re a hardened veteran on his 10th build, if you have any questions about FPV or NEFPV, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can be found on the internet in one of the largest threads on FPVLab, “Checking in from the Northeast”, on NEFPV.com, and on Facebook, or just stop by one of our meets and say “hi!”.

May your flights be smooth and your crashes be captured on video.