Schedule (subject to change)

Friday: Saturday: Sunday:
8am – 10am Freeflight 8am – 10am Freeflight 8am – 9am Freeflight
10am – 11am Feats 10am – 11am Feats 9am – 11am Feats
11am – 12 Freeflight 11am – 12 Freeflight 11am – 1pm Freeflight
12pm – 1pm Feats 12pm – 1pm Feats
1pm – 2pm Freeflight 1pm – 2pm Freeflight
2pm – 3pm Feats 2pm – 3pm Feats
3pm – 4pm Freeflight 3pm – 4pm Freeflight
4pm – 5pm Feats 4pm – 5pm Feats
5pm – 8pm Freeflight 5pm – 8pm Freeflight
8pm-9pm Feats 8pm-9pm Feats
9pm – ? Open night flying 9pm – ? Open night flying

Feats: (subject to change)

Wing race Limbo
Wing Gaggle Combat
Quad Race Landing platform
Capture The Flag >>SURPRISE FEAT<<<
High Altitude Balloon Pop
To the Cows and Back Fixed Wing Spot Landing
Kick the Can GroundPounder Night Course

Important info:

First and foremost: KNOW YOUR FREQUENCY!

We don’t mean “1.3” or “5.8”, but the actual frequency of your video transmitter. Make a note in your phone or better yet, write it on a piece of tape and put it on your rig. In order to register a timeslot to fly, we need to know the specific freq. you’ll be flying to avoid any conflicts. Please do this before you arrive, because once managed flight time begins you wont be able to power on without a frequency tag.

This is a group FPV meet, you are not flying by yourself or with a handful of friends. So please leave the 2 watt video transmitter and 2.4GHz boosters at home! This isn’t a long-range mission meet and the boosters will raise the noise floor for others and could lead to failsafes or lockouts for those without ideal component separation. We will NOT be allowing repeaters of any sort. When you register for a timeslot to fly, you will need to tell us which frequency you will be using. When it is your turn, you will need to retrieve the appropriate frequency tag from the flightline table, and promptly return it when your time is finished.


Also call out your frequency before powering up as a courtesy. If you need to check equipment or make a repair, you will need to either make the repair BEFORE or AFTER registered flight resumes or register for a timeslot. We don’t want anyone’s rig going down because someone else plugged in on their frequency. Also, when you DO plugin, please make sure you are a decent distance way from another flyer’s groundstation so you can avoid swamping someone else’s vRx on powerup. Again, we need everyone’s cooperation so all participants can have a good time!

 2.4 video: we’d prefer if you didn’t, but if you must it is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Other Stuff:

Gardner’s Ice Cream and Restaurant is on the premises and serve up great food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They’ve been gracious in providing us the land for the event, so help them out! A Dunkin Donuts / convenience store is a short walk away.

We will have portable facilities on-site. There are restrooms available at Gardner’s for patrons only.

There are no “big box” stores near the site, so be prepared and get provisions before arriving.

Battery charging/Generators:
Generators will be allowed, but must be kept away from the flight line and only if there is ample room. If you will bringing your own generator, you MUST also have a fire extinguisher on-hand in case of a lipo fire. Bring your own charger.

If camping you will be allowed to park near the campsite, otherwise all vehicles must park in the designated parking area. Equipment drop-offs & pick-ups will be allowed, but we need to keep the amount of through traffic to a minimum.

This is a rain or shine event and we cannot give refunds based on weather. The average temperature at night in Stephentown is 40ºF, so please be prepared for chilly nights. We’ll have a bonfire to keep everyone warm!

Where to stay:

Camping (tents or RV) will be allowed at the Feat Meet (actually its preferred!) and is included in the pilot fee. There are no RV hookups. Please note that the average temperature at night is 40ºF, so be prepared for chilly nights. We’ll have a bonfire for warming up!

Local hotel/motel options:
• Best Western Plus Berkshire Hills Inn & Suites, Pittsfield, MA, (413) 442-8714
• Weathervane Motel, Lanesborough, MA, (413) 443-3230
• Jiminy Peak Resort, Hancock, MA, (413) 738-5500
• Wyndham Bentley Brook, Hancock, MA , (413) 443-3230

Event Tshirts:

Available for order at Spreadshirt.

15% off tshirts from 9/27 – 10/4 – Use code: SAVE15NOW


October 7-9, 2016
Stephentown, NY (same site as NAFPV2015!)