Feat 3 – Miniquad Capture the Flag!

We asked our friends at CTFPV Racing to come up with a simple quad course for the Feat Meet. Did they listen?


Instead they developed this amazing Capture-the-Flag game and quad obstacle course…and it’s playable at night! Here’s a little teaser video. It’s come a long way in the past few weeks and will be incredible once it’s time for the meet!

Awesome work guys!



Feat Meet T-Shirts!

We’re trying something new this year: self-service t-shirts. There are 3 different shirt to choose from, with 2 distinctly different designs, and the shirt color is choose-able as well.

Let others know you were there and experienced the Feats and rub it in your friend’s face who couldn’t go because they promised their girlfriend they would go antiquing with her and her mother because she wants to find a really nice rustic piece to go in the hallway, just before you enter the bedroom. No, the other bedroom.

Added bonus: Chicks dig FPV shirts.

Make your way over to to view the choices.


Feat 2 – Kick the Can


Feat number 2 is…Kick-the-Can.
A seemingly easy task, but it’s much harder than it looks.

Especially while it’s floating on a dock in a pond! (am I kidding? Maybe. Maybe not)

But the rewards will be well worth it thanks to prizes donated by FPV Direct!

(Yuvksi shown for demonstration purposes only.)

#fpv #multirotor #fixedwing #featmeet


Feat 1: Combat – Last Man Standing

Time to start announcing the feats!

First up is FPV combat, with the spoils going to the last man standing (last thing flying?). So get your combat rigs built because they’re sure to see some carnage! Do you have what it takes to last until the end?

Great prizes for this feat will be donated by our partner-in-crime, ReadymadeRC. Thanks guys!

#fpv #fixedwing #multirotor #featmeet #readymaderc


Feat Meet – One Month and Counting!

We’re only one month away from the #featmeet!

Gates are being built, courses are being laid out, and we’re planning on creating an amazing event that you won’t want to miss.

Spots are filling up quick, and once we hit our cap we wont be selling any more, so if you havent bought tickets and registered yet…now’s the time to do it! Click on the Registration tab above to secure your spot!

Also the Information page has been updated with important info, places to stay and other important stuff.

See you in a month!


Feat Meet Quad Racing

Our brothers at CTFPV will be managing the quad course for the NEFPV Fall Feat Meet! While this is not a quad race-only event and will be centered on the FPV Feats (both multirotor and fixed-wing), one of the Feats will be quad racing. CTFPV is proud to assist in the creation of the course and other “playground” features. These are non-league fun fly races for bragging rights only… and prizes!