Feat 9 – Floating Landing Platform

Think you’re pretty good at gracefully landing that miniquad, eh?

Prove it. On a floating platform. Gotta be spot on or you’ll slide right off. And try not to pop the balloons, ok? We spent money on those 🙂

#spotlanding #fpv #featmeet #gonnahavetobuymoreballoons


Feat 8 – High Altitude!

Afraid of heights? Then you might want to sit this one out.

Fastest to the ionosphere and back takes home the win 😉

Prizes for this feat furnished by the gang at FPVHQ!

#fpv #featmeet #highaltitude #miniquad #fixedwing


Feat 7 – Spot Landing

Feat number seven: Spot landings!

Kind of what would happen if you combined FPV with the Olympic sport of Curling, but not really.

Who can get closest to the target without over or unshooting it? We’ll find out.

Some really great prizes for this feat donated by our good friends at Barnspeed Hobbies!


Feat 6 – Limbo!

How low can YOU go?

(We can neither confirm nor deny “The Hoff” will be in attendance, but we can say with certainty there will be some great prizes provided by the gang at Stone Blue Airlines!)

#featmeet #fpv #limbo


Feat 5 – Cows and Back

Who needs gates and flags when you have COWS?

Quads and planes get the chance to make the best time out to the cows and back. Maybe a surprise or two…it is a Feat Meet after all.

Extra points for picking up a cow patty on the return trip.

#featmeet #fpv #cows #fixedwing #miniquad


Feat 4 – 16 Wing Gaggle

He did it in Muncie with miniquads, now it’s our turn! Alex (aka ibCrazy) and the crew from VAS will attempt to get 16 wings racing in the air with one another AT THE SAME TIME!

Wings! Sixteen!! AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

It’s going to be quite the spectacle and if you’d like to take part in this history-making feat, check the website in the next few days for specific info. You will need a 25mw Raceband vtx mounted in an accessible location.

#videoaerialsystems #featmeet #wingracing #sixteen


Feat 3 – Miniquad Capture the Flag!

We asked our friends at CTFPV Racing to come up with a simple quad course for the Feat Meet. Did they listen?


Instead they developed this amazing Capture-the-Flag game and quad obstacle course…and it’s playable at night! Here’s a little teaser video. It’s come a long way in the past few weeks and will be incredible once it’s time for the meet!

Awesome work guys!



Feat 2 – Kick the Can


Feat number 2 is…Kick-the-Can.
A seemingly easy task, but it’s much harder than it looks.

Especially while it’s floating on a dock in a pond! (am I kidding? Maybe. Maybe not)

But the rewards will be well worth it thanks to prizes donated by FPV Direct!

(Yuvksi shown for demonstration purposes only.)

#fpv #multirotor #fixedwing #featmeet


Feat 1: Combat – Last Man Standing

Time to start announcing the feats!

First up is FPV combat, with the spoils going to the last man standing (last thing flying?). So get your combat rigs built because they’re sure to see some carnage! Do you have what it takes to last until the end?

Great prizes for this feat will be donated by our partner-in-crime, ReadymadeRC. Thanks guys!

#fpv #fixedwing #multirotor #featmeet #readymaderc